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Military Documentaries

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American Revolution to World War I


World War II


Korean War to Present

World War I Documentary

The quality and attention to detail of The History Connection’s military history documentaries can be seen in this clip taken from a documentary that was produced for showing to a large civic organization as part of their observance and celebration of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.


The documentary covers how and why the war came about, how the US became involved, and accounts of major battles during the four and a half years that we were “over there.”


Included also are letters from soldiers fighting in the trenches on the Western Front and scenes of activities on the home front. Finally, there is a tribute to all of the soldiers who served from DeWitt county in Texas who died during the war.

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Military Tributes 

Our military tribute documentaries are written to recognize and honor the life stories of military service members from local communities who served with distinction or who were killed in action.

If your interest lies in honoring a veteran, a fallen hero, a military unit or a specific wartime event, give us a call. We would be happy to explain our services in more detail and how we might assist in preserving your military story.

Cecil Newman, Jr. was a soldier killed at the beginning of the Korean War. This documentary focuses on his early life, letters he wrote to his girl friend and later wife, his war time travels, and the unusual circumstances surrounding his capture and death.

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We thank you for supporting those who have served.

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