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Media Enhancements Group

Video Enhancement Services

Media Enhancements Group offers unique, high-quality services for those interested
in changing and improving old videos. By removing drab or lifeless backgrounds
and replacing them with new and vibrant content, the subject narrative
is brought to life and keeps viewer interest high.

Here's an example:

The first video below is a short clip of an oral history produced by a local museum. The museum sent us the five year old video, and asked us to improve and enhance it.


The second video is the same oral history after enhamcement by
Media Enhancements Group.
The plain, dull background was replaced with new media and visual images
were added to both the story narrative and the remarks of the interviewee.
The result is a more pleasing and interesting version of the same story.



Some videos may be too old, corrupted or flawed to work with, so we will first evaluate your video to determine what enhancements can or cannot be done and provide you with a cost estimate before any work is started. You must be completely satisfied with the final product before any payment is made.
If we decide that the type and degree of enhancement needed cannot be done, we will return the video to you at no charge. 

Give us a call at 361-676-7530 so we can discuss your video enhancement requirements.